Say goodbye to paper maps.

Say hello to Paddle Partner, the go-to app for canoe and kayak lovers. No cell reception? No problem! We provide real‑time stats for your favorite river trails both online and OFF.

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Kayaking, Canoeing, or Camping in or near the Delaware Water Gap?

Don't you think it's time we get with our technology?

Paddle Partner is the GO-TO app for canoe and kayak lovers who paddle down the Delaware River. This kayaking app provides real time navigation statistics both online and OFFLINE.

No need to rub your eyes. You read that right. This app requires NO cell phone reception for it to actually WORK.

When you purchase and download Paddle Partner, you will never have to deal with:

  • Paper maps that get torn and ripped as soon as they get wet while paddling down the Delaware River!
  • Losing your way while camping on the Delaware Water Gap!
  • Feeling rushed to set up your campsite because you spent way too much time enjoying the Delaware River!
  • Getting a bad deal from an outfitter on the Delaware River!
  • Not finding the right camping resources and supplies you need for the Delaware water gap trail!

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With Paddle Partner You will:

  • Choose your access points, primative campsites, campgrounds, and other points of interest on your trail with OFFLINE navigation that is highly accurate
  • Know your current and exact location at all times on The Delaware Water Gap
  • Know your real-time Mileage from your campsite or destination while camping on Delaware river
  • Know your real-time arrival time to all points of interest on the Delaware river trail map
  • Know your current paddling speed while kayaking the upper Delaware river or lower Delaware River
  • Know your average paddle speed throughout your trip
  • Know your maximum speed throughout your trip
  • Find out your longest paddling sprint
  • Know locations of all campsites on the Delaware water gap trail while on your over night canoe trip
  • Know locations of all access points on the Delaware river trail and how far you are from your access point
  • Have GPS Navigation to all outfitters on the supported Delaware water gap trail
  • Have GPS Navigation to all camping supply stores and food stores on the supported paddling trail
  • Keep statistical information of your entire trip
  • Paddle Partner is the # 1 Kayaking app for overnight camping on Delaware river
  • There are no other Kayaking Apps like Paddle Partner
  • Know all Delaware River primitive camping site locations
  • Paddle Partner is a great app for canoeing in NJ or PA

Helpful tip: Running Paddle Partner in Airplane mode can dramatically save your battery life.

Hey Android Users!

Delaware River

Supported Paddling trails include:

  • Everglades National Park
  • Big Bend Saltwater Paddling Trail
  • Delaware River / Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
  • St. Corix River
  • Namekagon River

Finally a Paddle Partner you can count on! Paddle On my friends!

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